Our philosophy

Ross Roses believe creating new roses is not hard to achieve. However creating a new rose that is the quality of many that have been introduced previously, developing a name and marketing campaign for the introduction, tempting consumers to purchase the variety is only finalized when we ultimately receiving glowing comments from purchases of the rose.

Our breeding program consists of three sections.
   1.New variety creations. Making new varieties through careful consideration of parents and performing a controlled pollination.
   2.Variety improvement. Trying to improve popular varieties on the market through selective pollination. Improvements in health, flowering performance and fragrance are our main objectives.
   3.Variety variation. Using a controlled pollination we try to provide gardeners of variations of some of the most popular varieties fro gardens. We now have an apricot and deep pink variation of ‘Seduction’ and working on variations of the popular climber ‘Pierre de Ronsard'.

We feel that our interaction with home gardeners and the corporate sector gives us an insight into what is wanted in the market and our hybridizing team try to develop roses that suit their needs and pass our high standards.

How it’s done

Breeding roses and many other plants is not hard. Books on the subject and professional breeders may try to convince the public that breeding roses has to be performed by professionals in the highest technical facilities. Fact is, if a rose has a seed pod it has been hybridized by natural methods.
In this section we will give you a pictorial guide to how to breed a new rose.
It must be noted that breeding is a numbers game. The more flowers crossed, the greater chance of success however to breed a world winner does take more than just large numbers crossed, careful consideration of parents and a lot of luck also plays a part in rose hybridising.